Should You Choose Sliding Windows or Double-Hung?

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While both options can be attractive and functional in nearly any setting, sliding windows often fit better in some areas, while double-hung windows are preferred in others. In order to decide with of the new replacement windows you want to install in a room of your Houston home, consider the major differences.

Sliding Windows These are the windows that operate very simply by sliding from left to right to provide ventilation or air flow to the room in which they are installed. They work by rolling along a track. There are many advantages to sliding windows:

* Ease of Operation: Because of the sliding action, these windows are easy to operate, which is excellent when trying to accommodate a child or an elderly person or someone who has trouble pushing double-hung windows open.

* Cost Effective: Due to their simple design, it costs very little to make sliding windows and, therefore, you will pay less for them than you would other windows on the market.

* Little Maintenance: Again, the simplicity of the design means that there is little to do to care for the windows and like a lot of Katy, TX, replacement windows, with a vinyl frame these windows are a cinch to clean.

* Durability: With very few components necessary for the manufacturing of a sliding window, there is less to break or wear down. Sliders will be functioning like new for many, many years to come.

Double-Hung Windows Despite the advantages of sliding windows, double-hung remain the most popularity variety of windows in Bellaire, Texas and throughout the country because these replacement windows adapt to nearly any d├ęcor. That is not the only advantage that they offer.

* Easy to Clean, Inside and Out: While sliding windows are easy to clean on the interior, they are not as easy to tackle on the exterior. Most double-hung windows now have a tilt feature that allows for ease of cleaning, inside and out.

* Great View: With less surface area consumed with framing, double-hung windows provide excellent views of the great outdoors, which is certainly preferred in some rooms of the house.

* Accommodating: Double-hung windows should always be selected in an area that requires screens or window-hung air conditioning. Sliders do not as easily accommodate such features.

* Meet Code: In many areas of the country, there are regulations regarding bedroom windows. The fire code suggests that a fire fighter must be able to get through the window to safe a person trapped in the room during a house fire. Sliders are rarely large enough, but double-hung windows often are.

Neither of these window styles is better than the other, they simple serve different purposes. As you consider your new window purchase, you will have to weigh the pros and cons of each type to determine which fits better in the area. If you have difficulty making the decision, speak to a professional in your area regarding more of the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the building- and fire codes in your region.

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