Hair Styles, Past, Present & Future

Hair styles have changed dramatically over the last three thousand years and from culture to culture, from long to short, primped and natural. Now at the turn of the twenty first century, women and men have tremendous latitude in how they wish to style their hair.

In ancient Egypt where temperature guided the styles, making shaved heads more suitable, the Egyptians still found time for certain rituals and events to don ornate headdresses that were most likely more uncomfortable that just have long hair. Greeks and Romans, borrowed from each other in terms of styling techniques and ended up with henna dye jobs and gold sprinkles. Since gold is a little less accessible these days, the golden sprinkle may not be your choice. However, hairstyling became very popular among the upper classes in Rome and soon there were many public hairdressing salons to service the rich and powerful. Things have changed somewhat over the years with the emancipation of the lower classes and the availability of disposable income services like hairstyling and most anyone these days can enjoy a manicured haircut just like the ancient wealthy Romans.

In the Muslim community, hair is usually kept hidden there is also a style that is adhered to that makes the disappearance stylish. So what do you do today? Hair styles are many and varied and there are a lot of websites offering pictures of various creative efforts that you can choose from when you decide to change the look of your hair. Some of these websites offer up to 4000 different pictorial choices that you can browse through. With the advancement of graphics and interactive technology, there are also websites that will allow you to place your own picture online and replace your own hair with CGI versions of new styles that you may be interested in. This helps as it takes a lot of the guess work out of hair style choices and doesn’t leave you completely at the mercy of your hairstylist, who may not always know what is best for your look.

So find your hair salon and hit upon a good hair stylist that you can trust and give them the idea of what you want to make your hair stand out pleasingly in a crowd. While you are at it, you may as well take advantage of the other cosmetic changes that may be available to you during this process.

Whether you are looking for facial salons Austin or looking for tanning salons downtown Austin, TX, you will find using an online search engine of great benefit as they list most every business worth attending.

Once you find the place you want, go ahead and adventure. It is the twenty first century, do you feel like a beehive or do you want a Jennifer Anniston layered look? The world is your oyster, as hairstyles and social mores are more lenient than ever and you can look swell with nearly every period of hairstyle, so what’s stopping you? Make you change today, you may very well change your life!
About the Author: Kenneth Brown has written extensively about the beauty & fashion industry and enjoys informing consumers about the many options in this field