Keeping Your Replacement Windows Clean

Housekeeping is certainly not the favorite chore of most homeowners, but, inevitably, things get dirty and must be cleaned. Included on the long list of chores is washing the windows. Homes without pets and young children (who notoriously leave prints on windows) can often go several months or even up to a year between window washing, but the windows of busier homes may require slightly more regular attention. Regardless of the home life you lead, it can be very helpful to have a game plan as you set out to tackle the dirt and grime that naturally builds up on the glass in your home.

Arm Yourself with the Right Tools While many will reach for a wad of paper towels and a spray bottle, that might not be the best option. In fact, you are better off investing in a small version of the brush stored beside gas stations throughout the country. The padded side, of course, applies a nice coat of cleanser and the squeegee works to cleanly remove it, without creating a field of static cling, as paper towels would. You don’t have to spend much on cleaner. In fact, dish soap and warm water is the perfect combination. For more stubborn messes – windows nearly ground level or those that are handled frequently – it may be necessary to move a sponge gently around the surface and into the corners to loosen dirt before putting the squeegee to work.

Move with Fluidity The more aggressive you are with the window and the more you obsess about it, the worse the results will be. With the right tools, your investment in window installation will soon make perfect sense all over again. Just gently apply the soap in one single motion, beginning in a top corner and weaving your way down, until the whole pane has been touched. Then, as you would on a windshield, squeegee the water away, wiping the rubber clean after each horizontal stroke.

Forget the Ladder If you still have to climb a ladder to reach the outer glass of your second story, then it might be time to consider a call to an Austin window replacement specialist. Today’s windows tilt inward and swivel for easier cleaning of both the inner and outer pane. That way, window washing is not such a chore. This is just one of the many reasons why homeowners are so eager to make the change to newer windows today. Not only are they more energy efficient than ever before, they can also help improve home value by a substantial margin, and can make your annual list of household chores a little easier to manage.

Dealing with a Segmented Window When the pane is divided into smaller sections of glass, the squeegee method can be difficult. Fortunately, today, they make the tools in a variety of sizes, as small as six inches in length, which will fit just about every pane size sold today. However, this also should be remembered when investing in Georgetown window replacement. Consider, not just the beauty of the window, but also how easily maintained it will be.