Should You Choose Sliding Windows or Double-Hung?

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While both options can be attractive and functional in nearly any setting, sliding windows often fit better in some areas, while double-hung windows are preferred in others. In order to decide with of the new replacement windows you want to install in a room of your Houston home, consider the major differences.

Sliding Windows These are the windows that operate very simply by sliding from left to right to provide ventilation or air flow to the room in which they are installed. They work by rolling along a track. There are many advantages to sliding windows:

* Ease of Operation: Because of the sliding action, these windows are easy to operate, which is excellent when trying to accommodate a child or an elderly person or someone who has trouble pushing double-hung windows open.

* Cost Effective: Due to their simple design, it costs very little to make sliding windows and, therefore, you will pay less for them than you would other windows on the market.

* Little Maintenance: Again, the simplicity of the design means that there is little to do to care for the windows and like a lot of Katy, TX, replacement windows, with a vinyl frame these windows are a cinch to clean.

* Durability: With very few components necessary for the manufacturing of a sliding window, there is less to break or wear down. Sliders will be functioning like new for many, many years to come.

Double-Hung Windows Despite the advantages of sliding windows, double-hung remain the most popularity variety of windows in Bellaire, Texas and throughout the country because these replacement windows adapt to nearly any décor. That is not the only advantage that they offer.

* Easy to Clean, Inside and Out: While sliding windows are easy to clean on the interior, they are not as easy to tackle on the exterior. Most double-hung windows now have a tilt feature that allows for ease of cleaning, inside and out.

* Great View: With less surface area consumed with framing, double-hung windows provide excellent views of the great outdoors, which is certainly preferred in some rooms of the house.

* Accommodating: Double-hung windows should always be selected in an area that requires screens or window-hung air conditioning. Sliders do not as easily accommodate such features.

* Meet Code: In many areas of the country, there are regulations regarding bedroom windows. The fire code suggests that a fire fighter must be able to get through the window to safe a person trapped in the room during a house fire. Sliders are rarely large enough, but double-hung windows often are.

Neither of these window styles is better than the other, they simple serve different purposes. As you consider your new window purchase, you will have to weigh the pros and cons of each type to determine which fits better in the area. If you have difficulty making the decision, speak to a professional in your area regarding more of the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the building- and fire codes in your region.

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Keeping Your Replacement Windows Clean

Housekeeping is certainly not the favorite chore of most homeowners, but, inevitably, things get dirty and must be cleaned. Included on the long list of chores is washing the windows. Homes without pets and young children (who notoriously leave prints on windows) can often go several months or even up to a year between window washing, but the windows of busier homes may require slightly more regular attention. Regardless of the home life you lead, it can be very helpful to have a game plan as you set out to tackle the dirt and grime that naturally builds up on the glass in your home.

Arm Yourself with the Right Tools While many will reach for a wad of paper towels and a spray bottle, that might not be the best option. In fact, you are better off investing in a small version of the brush stored beside gas stations throughout the country. The padded side, of course, applies a nice coat of cleanser and the squeegee works to cleanly remove it, without creating a field of static cling, as paper towels would. You don’t have to spend much on cleaner. In fact, dish soap and warm water is the perfect combination. For more stubborn messes – windows nearly ground level or those that are handled frequently – it may be necessary to move a sponge gently around the surface and into the corners to loosen dirt before putting the squeegee to work.

Move with Fluidity The more aggressive you are with the window and the more you obsess about it, the worse the results will be. With the right tools, your investment in window installation will soon make perfect sense all over again. Just gently apply the soap in one single motion, beginning in a top corner and weaving your way down, until the whole pane has been touched. Then, as you would on a windshield, squeegee the water away, wiping the rubber clean after each horizontal stroke.

Forget the Ladder If you still have to climb a ladder to reach the outer glass of your second story, then it might be time to consider a call to an Austin window replacement specialist. Today’s windows tilt inward and swivel for easier cleaning of both the inner and outer pane. That way, window washing is not such a chore. This is just one of the many reasons why homeowners are so eager to make the change to newer windows today. Not only are they more energy efficient than ever before, they can also help improve home value by a substantial margin, and can make your annual list of household chores a little easier to manage.

Dealing with a Segmented Window When the pane is divided into smaller sections of glass, the squeegee method can be difficult. Fortunately, today, they make the tools in a variety of sizes, as small as six inches in length, which will fit just about every pane size sold today. However, this also should be remembered when investing in Georgetown window replacement. Consider, not just the beauty of the window, but also how easily maintained it will be.

How to Patch a Leak in Your Roof

When you notice the stains on your ceiling, the wet insulation in your attack or the bubbling of the walls, you know that there is a major issue and the need for roof repair cannot be ignored any longer. Fortunately, this type of patching doesn’t have to be a major job. It can often be done very quickly and without too much fanfare. That being said, one should not wait to correct the issue. Putting it off can spell serious trouble as water eats away at the structure of your home, works its way beneath more of the shingles and encourages the growth of mold. Either make the efforts to make the repairs on your own or call the Fort Worth roofers right away.

Safety First If this is going to be a DIY project, then your first thoughts should be for your own safety and that of anyone intending to help you. There is a number of safety guideline to abide by when working so far above the ground. Choose a day or series of days when nice weather is forecasted. A wet roof is far too dangerous to work on. If you are expecting rain for several days after discovering the leak, then carefully lay a tarp over the impacted area and wait for dry days to come. Wear rubber soled shoes whenever working on the roof, as they provide the best possible traction. Finally, be aware of all electrical cords. Far too many people are killed due to accidental electrocution. Don’t make the same mistake.

Replacing Shingles to Stop Leaks Asphalt shingles make wonderful roofing material because they are so resilient against water, however, they can be damaged by hard rains, heavy sins, and brutal rays. When this occurs, water can find its way beneath the protective barrier and into the home, damaging the wood beneath as it goes. The damaged shingles should be removed and the area before should be repaired, if necessary, before new shingles are laid. At times, it is not the shingles at fault, but the metal flashing that has failed, allowing water to seep in. When this is the case, it is wise to call in Dallas roof repair professionals to assess the damage and correct the issue.

Repair Rubber Membrane This type of roofing material is generally put to use on flat rooftops. The rubber is highly water resistant and can stave off leaks even against the harshest weather. That is until it is ripped, cut, or loses its seal. Standing water on the surface must be removed before the membrane can be repaired. If it is bubbling, the damaged area should be carefully cut into and drained. Then a special adhesive can be used to reseal it and prevent further leaks. Cracks can often be fixed in the same manner, but may require professional attention to ensure that the cracking doesn’t continue to occur.

Wooden Shakes In much the same manner as asphalt shingles would be dealt with, cedar shakes can simply be replaced as necessary. However, if there is damage beneath, that will have to be dealt with first. Then, the damaged shakes can be removed and new pieces can be cut to size to fill the gap. The most important step of this roof repair is the sealing. A caulking compound should be used to create the necessary water-tight seal needed to prevent further leaking. If this is not done or is done improperly, the repair will not hold

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5 Roofing Situations That Demand Professional Help

There are some situations that even dedicated DIYers have trouble dealing with, and for most, roofing ranks right up in the top three. Before you grab the ladder and the hammer, you may want to keep in mind that sometimes roofs just need the touch that a professional roofing company can bring to the table. If you’re facing any of these situations, it’s probably best to keep your ladder in the garage and call a roofing crew to help.

The Repairs You Made Aren’t Holding Up – If you’ve already been up on that roof and you know there’s a problem that you’ve tried to fix in the past, it’s time to look to the professionals who specialize in Katy, TX, roof repair. The simple truth is that you’ve already done your best with the project, and if it hasn’t actually fixed anything, then it’s time to call in the pros. In most cases, that indicates the situation is far greater than something you can handle.

There’s More than One Leaking Spot – It can be tough to effectively repair multiple leaks on your own, so it’s usually best to contact a professional roofer in this case. Getting them all sealed up at once is nothing short of difficult, and the last thing you want is ongoing damage from those leaks, as that could lead to bigger costs in the long run.

A Leak Has Already Done Serious Damage – If you’re already noticing real damage on your roof from a leak, you certainly want to talk to a professional. In most cases, damaged roofs will need to have additional work done. Often a simple DIY repair just won’t cover real damage to your roof, and you could be risking the value of your home if you don’t have it fixed properly.

The Roof Surface is Complex – Whether your roof is just too steep or you have ceramic tiles on your roof that will crack if you walk across them, if you have a difficult roof surface, it’s worth it to invest in a Woodlands roofing contractor so you can ensure the job is done right the first time.

You Can’t Find the Source of the Leak – In some cases, it can be tough to figure out where the leak is coming from, and if that’s the case on your roof, calling in a crew experienced enough to understand how water leaks in from the surface of the roof is an absolute must. They often have the knowledge and tools necessary for a complex repair like this, and the last thing you want is additional damage to your roof as you try to track down the source of the leak.

DIY repairs are sometimes the money-saving way to go, but in cases like these, it’s best to call in a professional roofing crew to help.