Cover Old Shingles or Remove Them?

When replacing an existing roof the question arises, do we cover the old shingles or remove them? There are many benefits to removing the old shingles, flashing, and underlayment. This is especially true if you have had to have Austin roof repair done before. When the existing shingles are removed the underlayment (the waterproof covering that is laid down before the shingles) is exposed. At this point if there are any issues with the underlayment or the plywood beneath the underlayment it is exposed and repairs can be made. Some of the other benefits to tearing out the old is you are more likely to have better sealing action, than when you lay shingles down on existing shingles.

Installing over the existing shingles may save you money initially, but could greatly reduce the longevity of the newly installed shingles. If the new shingles are not laid flat, then wind and the elements can penetrate and cause them to be blown away or damaged. Even if your existing roof is ideal for installing another layer, the seams most likely will not line up with the existing layer and an apron will form causing the new layer not to seal properly.

Cost, is usually the deciding factor on whether to install over existing shingles. You can often save half of the cost by installing over existing shingles. So, if you decide to go ahead with installing the new roof over the existing layer, there are several points to consider before installation can begin. Existing shingles may be cupped, broken, or missing. It is imperative that the existing shingles are flat, and free from moss and debris. Be sure to inspect the flashing, this is the part of the roof that allows shingles to adhere to seams that join room lines to abutting objects. If this is the third layer that is being installed it may be tempting to pull the second layer off, and reinstall just a second layer. Unfortunately tearing off the second layer usually makes matters worse because the process of tearing off the second layer chews up the shingles and makes the surface even worse for a reinstall.

Be sure to consult the professionals in Lakeway, TX, roofing first. Roofing specialists can give you a better idea regarding whether tearing off the entire roof and starting fresh is a better option than just installing a new layer. Be sure to check with your local codes before performing a roof repair in Cedar Park. Some local codes only allow two layers of shingles before requiring a full teardown of the shingles. The pros of tearing off the existing shingles and installing a new layer of shingles surely outweigh the short term gains of installing a second and third layer of shingles. The initial cost is going to be more than simply installing a second layer of shingles, but the longevity of the roof, waterproofing of the roof, and overall quality of your roof will be better by tearing off the first layer of shingles and starting with a fresh slate.

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